Rzeczowniki (Nouns), ćwiczenia z gramatyki angielskiej

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Polecenie: Fill in: some, any, much, many
poziom ćwiczenia: 0

  1. I have to buy black jeans soon. They're in fashion now.

  2. How cash do you need to buy this CD player?

  3. How kilometres do you live from your office?

  4. It takes hours to get to Milan from Warsaw.

  5. Have you ever eaten authentic Chinese food?

  6. Unfortunately, too people value money over health and family.

  7. I should learn rules if I want to be a good tennis player.

  8. I don't know people who work in public administration.

  9. changes must be introduced if our company wants to make money.

  10. The president passed new bills although the government wanted him to pass more.

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