Rzeczowniki (Nouns), ćwiczenia z gramatyki angielskiej

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Polecenie: Put in the correct form of the Saxon Genitive
poziom ćwiczenia: 0

  1. I have to check my students/papers this week.

  2. I hate buying men/clothes.

  3. Tom and Jane/friends are completely different.

  4. the Smiths/house is going to be sold soon.

  5. I'm a bit nervous before today/meeting with my boss.

  6. It's my younger sister/birthday next Sunday.

  7. Her cat/fur is black, white, grey and brown.

  8. We'd like to invite our neighbours/children to the party.

  9. The girls/dresses at the wedding were very elegant.

  10. The company/name reminds me of last summer.

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