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poziom ćwiczenia: elementary

Słownik tematyczny: Słownictwo angielskie - poziom podstawowy A1 (zdjęcia i wymowa)

  1. I was really to see Ned again after so many years.

  2. This book will be if you want to improve your English.

  3. It's rather noisy in the these days, not how it was when I was at school.

  4. That shop on the might sell the evening paper.

  5. Steve a lot for the better while he was teaching in Africa.

  6. Is there a for the winner of the school poetry competition?

  7. It's hard to believe how much has changed during the last .

  8. Going by is a bit like going by train, but more slowly.

  9. I couldn't sit next to my wife because the was almost full when we got on.

  10. Come on, it's time for a . I've got some coffee and biscuits.


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