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Put the verb into the correct form. Use Future Perfect Continuous.

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Opis gramatyki: Future Perfect Continuous - budowa

  1. How long she/raise the children on her own this year?

  2. We not/wash our clothes for a month by the time the washing machine is repaired!

  3. Nick/learn French for two years by the end of term.

  4. I not/take any painkillers for six months at the end of July.

  5. your sister/date Steve for a year in May?

  1. On Friday her cousin live here for two weeks.

  2. How long your neighbour/dig up the garden by Friday?

  3. I play the guitar for two months on Sunday.

  4. How long your mother/collect gold rings this year?

  5. My cat not/drink milk for ten months in November.

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7. Will your car have been sold - niby wszystko się zgadza ale polecenie brzmi Complete the sentences using Future Perfect Continuous a nie Future Perfect

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