Rozprawka za i przeciw: Wakacje z rodzicami – plusy i minusy - wzór wypracowania

Rozprawka za i przeciw: Wakacje z rodzicami – plusy i minusy

At the end of the school year a lot of young people are faced with the same problem. They want to spend their holidays with friends but their parents insist on going somewhere together. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a holiday spent with the family?

On the plus side, when your parents organise your holiday, the whole cost is covered by them. Not only do they take care of the accommodation and transport, but they also pay for the meals. When you travel with your parents, you do not worry about running out of money after the first few days. What is more, instead of sitting in bars with friends, you are forced to do some sightseeing and come back from your holiday rich in the knowledge of other places, cultures, etc.

There are obviously disadvantages, too. First of all, when you are in your teens you want to finally be able to do things your own way, without the supervision of adults. It is difficult to relax when you are nagged by your parents about taking a shower on time, eating dinner, etc. The holiday is a time to be free from routine and duties. Moreover, under the watchful eye of your parents you do not get the chance to make decisions and take care of yourself. The opportunity to learn independence and responsibility is missed.

On the whole, a holiday with the family has both positive and negative aspects. Some young people do not mind being supervised by their parents, but others would prefer to be given more freedom.

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to insist - nalegać
accommodation – zakwaterowanie
to cover – pokrywać
to do sightseeing – zwiedzać
obviously – oczywiście
supervision – nadzór
opportunity – okazja

to be faced with something – stać w obliczu czegoś
to be forced to do something – być zmuszonym do zrobienia czegoś
to be nagged – być strofowanym, ponaglanym

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