Jak rozwijać znajomość języków obcych mimo braku czasu. - wzór wypracowania

Jak rozwijać znajomość języków obcych mimo braku czasu.

It is unquestionable that in today's world the knowledge of foreign languages is absolutely necessary. Unfortunately the process of learning a language requires time and devotion. Taking into consideraton the quick pace of life, how can we improve our knowledge of languages?

A reasonable suggestion would be to concentrate on ways of learning which do not call for a comfortable chair and hours spent in front of the computer or with a coursebook. One of them is using wordcards to improve your vocabulary. Small pieces of paper can be carried in your pocket and used while commuting or waiting in a queue. There are also various audio materials which can be stored in an mp3 player and listened to wherever you go.

Another interesting solution is to make friends with some native speakers of the language you want to master. Even if you are very busy you must have some social life, so why not make the learning process part of it? There is one obstacle, though. Socialising with foreigners is obviously easier for those who live in bigger cities.

It would also be a good idea to watch foreign instead of national television. Despite being busy, most people try to watch the news. Doing that in a foreign language will definitely develop your listening skills and vocabulary.

In short, there are a number of solutions to the problem of insufficient time for learning languages. I believe that they can be put into practice without much effort and they can bring satisfying results.

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unquestionable - niewątpliwy
devotion - poświęcenie, zaangażowanie
call for - wymagać
commute - dojeżdżać do pracy, szkoły
queue - kolejka
master - opanować, zgłębić
obstacle - przeszkoda
obviously - oczywiście
insufficient - niewystarczający
effort - wysiłek
store - przechowywać

take into consideration - brać pod uwagę
in short - w skrócie, podsumowując krótko
put into practice - zastosować, wykorzystać w praktyce

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