List formalny. List z zapytaniem do szkoły językowej - wzór wypracowania

List formalny. List z zapytaniem do szkoły językowej

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to enquire about language courses organised by your school. The leaflets which I found in my local library specified a variety of English courses you have on offer at the moment, one of which I might consider taking.

Although I cannot certify my knowledge of English, after years of learning the language at school I can safely assume that I am an upper-intermediate student. Therefore I am interested in a course that would offer preparation for an exam at a higher level, preferably Certificate of Advanced English. I would appreciate it if you could send me a complete list of courses at this level, together with the price list.

I might also be interested in a course in business English. Your leaflet does not mention on which days such classes are held so I would be grateful for this kind of information. Do you think the fact that I do not have any professional experience will be an obstacle in starting a business English course? I would obviously opt for general business Eglish.

The last question I have concerns your methods of teaching. As I particularly hope to improve my fluency, I would like to know how much attention is paid and what methods are used by the school teachers to develop the skill of speaking.

I look forward to your reply.

Yours faithfully,

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enquire – zapytać (form.)
leaflet – ulotka
specify – wyszczególnić
variety – różnorodność, duży wybór
consider – rozważyć
certify – zaświadczyć, potwierdzić
safely – bezpiecznie
assume – założyć
therefore – dlatego też
appreciate – docenić
grateful - wdzięczny
obstacle – przeszkoda
opt for – wybrać, optować za
concern - dotyczyć
particularly – szczególnie
improve – poprawić, polepszyć
fluency – płynność
develop – rozwinąć

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