List formalny. List z zażaleniem - wzór wypracowania

List formalny. List z zażaleniem

Dear Sirs, I am writing to complain about the meal which I had in your restaurant on 13th April. I had planned to propose to my girlfriend that evening. Unfortunately, almost everything went wrong.

First of all, when we arrived at the restaurant we had to wait twenty minutes for our table. Your personnel did not explain what had caused such a misunderstanding. What is more, the waiter who served us was listening to his mp3 player while taking our order. As a result, we got the steak, not our lobster. I had made it clear earlier that I wanted everything to go smoothly, so you can imagine how angry I was.

On top of that, when the waiter brought the engagement ring, he congratulated my girlfriend before she realised what was happening!

Taking all that into account, I expect a full refund for the inconvenience we suffered. I also insist that you send a letter of apology to my girlfriend. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully, XYZ

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to complain - skarżyć się, narzekać
to propose - oświadczyć się
to explain - wyjaśnić
a misunderstanding - nieporozumienie
smoothly - gładko, sprawnie
engagement - zaręczyny
a refund - zwrot poniesionych kosztów
to insist - nalegać

as a result - w rezultacie, w konsekwencji
on top of that - na dodatek, co najgorsze
taking all that into account - biorąc to wszystko pod uwagę

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