Zaimki – testy z języka angielskiego


Put in the correct pronoun or possessive adjective to complete the sentences.

poziom ćwiczenia: elementary

Opis gramatyki: Zaimki osobowe w języku angielskim

  1. Okay, bye, and take care of you.

  2. Don't you ever call I again!

  3. Everybody knows he doesn't treat she properly.

  4. My friend and I have the same sense of humour. Both of we laugh at the same things.

  5. He gave a wrong answer, but he quickly corrected he.

  1. Don't ring they because the baby may be sleeping.

  2. Dad, let I and he go camping by ourselves.

  3. Many if not all of they could solve this puzzle.

  4. Have you ever seen he? They say he is quite popular in these parts.

  5. This doesn't look like I comb. It must be you.

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