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Complete the sentences using Past Perfect Continuous.

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Opis gramatyki: Past Perfect Continuous - budowa

  1. She not/sit at home for long before she went out.

  2. they/stay in a hotel before they found their flat in Warsaw?

  3. Mary not/wait long when he turned up.

  4. How long you/learn English before you took the FCE exam?

  5. Jack work on the project for at least half an hour before his boss arrived.

  1. she/sing for a long time before she joined the band?

  2. Why were you so hot when we met? you/run?

  3. My sister see Mark for only six months before she married him.

  4. you/think about that problem before Tom started talking about it?

  5. They not/fly their kites for long when it started to rain.

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Komentarze (7)

@CatLoveeee: końcówka zdania nie pozostawia wyboru raczej: before YOU took the FCE exam. Dopisaliśmy you, specjalnie dla Ciebie.

a skąd w 4 wiedzieć ,jak nie bylo osoby podanej???!!!

to był impuls

nie no przepraszam

Thank you, ~!! ٩(- ̮̮̃-̃)۶

ponieważ dalej pisze 'she joined the band ?'

Skad mam wiedziec ze pytanie 6 jest o niej ??

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