Spójniki (linking words and conjunctions) – ćwiczenia


Choose the correct word or phrase to complete the sentences.

Opis gramatyki:

  1. I was starving   I hadn't eaten anything all day.

  2. We went for a walk   it was still raining.

  3. They sold their old car   buy a new one.

  4. He drank a lot at the party.   he couldn't drive home.

  5. I can't help laughing   I see her funny cat.

  1. Kate closed the door   it was very noisy outside.

  2. I was running to school   I wouldn't be late.

  3. My husband loves tennis   I'm keen on golf.

  4. John spent all his money,   I had to lend him some.

  5. I borrowed a book from Ann   I didn't have time to read it.

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Thank you, ang.pl

no wlasnie chyba jest jakis blad

Dlaczego w 9. nie może być również "therefore", przecież oznacza to samo co "so".

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