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Choose the best option to complete the sentences in mixed conditionals.

poziom ćwiczenia: intermediate

Opis gramatyki: Mixed Conditionals - okresy warunkowe mieszane

  1. I'd be really tired if I   to bed early.

  2. The computer   if you hadn't installed that stupid programme.

  3. If Sam   Shirley, he wouldn't have proposed.

  4. This   if my father were here.

  5. I'd like to know what   now if I hadn't come.

  1. You would know what you have to do if you   carefully.

  2. We   to that new bar in town if you like.

  3. I'd help you tomorrow if I   to get the day off work.

  4. If Kevin were a bit older, he   so stupidly.

  5. I'd be in trouble with the boss tomorrow if I   my latest project on time.

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