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Complete the sentences in the impersonal passive.

poziom ćwiczenia: intermediate

Opis gramatyki: Strona bierna - konstrukcje bezosobowe

  1. The report is   to be published tomorrow.

  2. The stolen car is   to have been taken from a supermarket car park.

  3. The minister has been   to resign for several days now.

  4. It has been   for many years that cigarettes are bad for health.

  5. It's being   that corruption in business is increasing.

  1. It would only be   to happen if the government increased interest rates.

  2. It is   the minister will resign if found guilty.

  3. The police are   to be questioning two men from Birmingham.

  4. It is   the gang has been active since 2014.

  5. The stolen paintings are   to be still in the country.

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