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Choose the correct possessive pronouns to complete the sentences.

Wybierz właściwy zaimek dzierżawczy do uzupełnienia zdania.

  1. Play with your own toys and leave   alone! I never play with yours.

  2. Our pizzas are really small and   are huge. They must have paid more.

  3. Jack was here today so this wallet must be  .

  4. I let you try my bike, so can I have a go on  ?

  5. My dress came out of the washing machine lovely and white but   is all pink now.

  1. I still have my passport after the holiday but Stanley lost   on the beach.

  2. Two men are getting into that taxi, so this one must be  .

  3. Deirdre and I each bought a new skirt today but I don't like   now.

  4. Karen says that this laptop is  , but it isn't. It's her brother's.

  5. Is your soup cold like  ? I'll have to complain.

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