Angielskie zaimki dzierżawcze – ćwiczenia


Choose the possessive pronouns to complete the sentences. Sometimes more than one answer is logical.

poziom ćwiczenia: intermediate

Opis gramatyki: Zaimki dzierżawcze w języku angielskim

  1. I don't want to wear your coat, I want to wear  .

  2. My battery is dead so I've borrowed Mike's phone.   does the web a lot faster.

  3. The kids will be late home so we can have lunch now and I'll put   in the fridge for them.

  4. My parents like a sea view so this room will be  '

  5. I'm not interested in what Phil does. It's no business of  .

  1. I enjoyed Carol's song but I didn't like  .

  2. As a family, we must firstly protect what is  .

  3. I haven't seen Jane's holiday photographs yet, but Jenny showed me   yesterday.

  4. Jack and Jill are good painters. Most of these pictures are  .

  5. Malcolm's here! The kids can go back in our car and your parents can go in  .

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es mordo jd

Thank you,

IMO w pkt 4 jest błąd. Jeśli jadę sam z rodzicami?

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