Ćwiczenia leksykalne z języka angielskiego dla średnio zaawansowanych


Choose the correct words from the list to complete the sentences.

Wybierz właściwe słowa do uzupełnienia zdań.

lista słów do wyboru:
interact references formerly release closely relief interfering indicate faithful an external
  1. Dr Andrews was with the Red Cross in Africa.

  2. Remember to make at least a couple of to the chairman, to keep him happy.

  3. These results that we're on the right lines.

  4. The of two men accused of armed robbery has angered the victims.

  5. It was such a to finally pass my driving test.

  1. I'll be following events as they happen.

  2. How can I get my students to better during English lessons? They're all quite shy.

  3. Rex was a dog and we'll miss him terribly.

  4. You can get extra storage by adding hard drive.

  5. Who's been with the desktop on my computer? This isn't how I left it.

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