descriptive grammar test

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Hej mam prosbe czy moglby mi ktos pomoc w rozwiazywaniu zadan z gramy? taki ladny maly tescik:) a mianowicie true/false
1the lenght of vowels often depends on theirposition in word.
2 the linking /r/ is used only after certain vowels
3,English diphtongs behave like long vowels in syllable weight
4,front vowels are not rounded in eng
5,there can not be more than 3 consonant in the onset
6,weak forms are used only when a given word is unstessed
7.compounds and phrases often differ in stress placement
8.sonorants are always voices in all contexts
9.eng cons clusters agree in voicing
10,aspiration in the strongest in unstressed syllables
11,in clusters like ,tr, in <try> the too cons are co-articulated
12 word-finally,plosives never have an audible release
13,only vowels can form syllable peaks in english