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Do they believe in love at first sight?
there is NO other love but love at first sight!
wait, who are 'they' ??
sorry.. 'you'
guess nobody's interested in love at first sight. isn't it a fantastic feeling to love someone and to know that another person feels the same?
It all depends on what a person wants or needs. 'Love at first sight' could be slightly mistaken for indescribable desire. I experienced this only once in my life when I heard the ringing of bells, the whole body shook and I became totally incoherent - what was that - love? I don't know, but he had no possibility of an escape and for a few months it was like two electric currents meeting, sparks flew. Need I say more -
Naah, there is no such thing as love. It's all LUST - to ensure the continuation of the species ;)))
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