Agroturystyka essay

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In recent years, agritourism has become increasingly popular, so much that I decided to spend my previous vacation this way. in my opinion it is a great way to rest and regenerate. this is a great alternative if we already have quite a lot of urban crowds and noise.

agritourism centers located most often in rural areas offer us a full range of opportunities to spend time actively, healthily and in unity with nature. The great advantages of spending such free time are, for example, exploring attractions inaccessible in large cities such as horse riding or swimming in a natural water reservoir. Depending on the location of the resort, the forms of recreation vary, namely in the mountains it is possible to go for a mountain walk, climbing peaks or mountain biking, above which it is possible to swim, windsurf or walk on the beach.

A very important aspect of agritourism for me is that it rebuilds my sense of connection with nature and restores my inner balance. many times, I have personally used agritourism services and I can honestly recommend them to the inhabitants of large, bustling cities as well as those who dream of healthy and active rest.


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