"ja stawiam"

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Ja stawiam. - It's on me!
MOżna jeszcze to jakoś inaczej powiedzieć??
proszę o odp.
Nie można.
My treat. Choć do kolejki alkoholu może nie pasować.
dzięki :)
A jeszcze mam dylemat- czy smacznego to "Bon appetit" czy bardziej 'Enjoy your meal"?
Oba zwroty są poprawne, ale częściej stosuje rodzime: Enjoy your meal !
Get some more:
You buy your old fella a "froth" in a beer-joint because you like him, you spring for a hooch for you boss while on the wing-ding because you want to suck up to him, you may just "pop for it" or “stand it” meaning plottingly
a " good leg-opener Belushi cocktail" for a just picked up luscious date-bait. You may also pick up the tab/check in a restaurant if you’re not prudent enough.:)

Bon Appetit vs Enjoy..;
I suspect that this is the reason why limeys(respect)with their fish and chips are so attached to their rather fabled than real cuisine thus trotting out their "Bon Appetit" as if they were the last connoisseurs of the worldwide cookery. Classy and posh to show off in a fancy restaurant ? ,"Bon Appetit" :)
Thank you all for the answers. :)
i'm buying
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