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On the 29th of Aprill William Windsor - prince of United Kingdom - married with Kate Middleton, daughter diplomat. Royal wedding takes place in cathedral "Westminster Abbey" in London.
Ceremony started at 10 a.m. On the streets of UK several hundred thousands people waited for prince William and Kate Middleton. The first guests were David and Victoria Beckham, Rowan Atkinson and Elton John. All women had beautiful hats. People could admire wonderful dresses and expensive suits. In cathedral put young trees. Area was protected by bodyguards. At 11 a.m. prince William and prince Harry came at the ceremony. Everyone were screaming. A few minutes ago to cathedral came Queen Elizabeth II with her husband. She looked great in yellow dress.
At 12 a.m. Kate Middleton appeared in cathedral! Everybody waited for this moment! She had long beige wedding dress. Kate looked fantastic! Her father led her to the altar. Bridesmaid of Kate was her sister Phillipa "Pippa" Middleton. Second wedding witness was prince Harry. Young couple (złożyli przysięgę małżeńską) and they said "YES". Prince William got Kate a golden wedding ring. People were delighted. Then guests in cathedral watched (msza święta) and they listened amazing orchestra concert. At 13 p.m. William nad Kate left from cathedral. They went to the Buckingham Palace in small (powóz). They looked very good. In the Buckingham Palace William kissed Kate two times! They greeted people and they left from Palace.
In my opinion royal wedding prince William and Kate Middleton was event of the year. The most fantastic was Kate's dress ad orchestra concert. I hope William and Kate will live happily ever after.

Oprócz sprawdzenie błędów prosiłbym także o przetłumaczenie wyrażeń w nawiasach: (złożyli przysięgę małżeńską) (msza święta) (powóz)

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