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Cześć, na zajęcia mam do przygotowania prezentacje o sobie, nauczycielka zwraca bardzo uwagę na gramatykę, mógłby ktoś sprawdzić czy wszystko jest ok? Z góry dziękuję za pomoc :)

Hi. My name is lucyna XYZ. I’m twenty four years old. I am from opole, but now I renting a flat in Wroclaw, because I studying here. I graduated from Hotel College and Public Vocational University in Nysa. I studying at Wroclaw University of technology.
About my character, people say sometimes that I’m nervous. But they also say than I’m a helpful, clever and kind person. What can I say about me? Maybe that sometimes I’m shy.
I like ride bike, read books, listen to my favorite music and surf the internet. I don’t like play video games, because they bore me.
My hobby is read fantasy and criminal books. I love them. When I’m reading, I forgot about the entire world. There is only me and a book. Books help me to de-stress. Usually I’m a calm and balanced but when someone makes me angry I can be really unfriendly to him.
I’m studying at university of technology financial engineering because in the future I want to be financial analyst or financial advisor. It’s a well-paid job.
My favorite subject at school is accounting, financial analysis and management of enterprise value.
At the moment I’m writing a thesis on the income and market methods of enterprises valuation.
When I’ll find my dreamed job, I’ll think about starting a family and buying my own house with a big, beautiful garden.
It’s all about me.
Thanks for your attention.
edytowany przez lucy_na: 17 paź 2013
poczytaj sobie o czasach present simple i present continuous
I am studying, I am renting...
what can I say about myself?
I like riding a bicycle, listening to music, reading books, surfing the internet...
a financial analyst
when I find my dream job, I will think about...

I am going to study sth in the future (zamierzam coś studiować)
It's all about me.
ponadto : 'My hobby is reading...' lub 'Reading is the one of my hobbies.'
edytowany przez Robbertoxx: 17 paź 2013
bez the

reading is one of my hobbies
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