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Exercise 1: Choose the correct answer a-c.

1. Hardly … to school, when there was a fire drill had I arrived

2. Not until my Mum phoned me, … about her illness. did I realize

3. Scarcely … on the doorstep, when my mother fainted. had he appeared

4. Only after looking at his face, … that she had known him before. did she admit

5. Never … such a stupid explanation. have I heard

6. Little … about her before they got married. had he known

7. Such … that she was able to convince him. was her force

8. So … that he could not stop looking at her. beautiful was the girl

9. Only … to enter the club. were Peter and Mary allowed

10. Rarely … to the disco without her boyfriend can she go

Exercise 2: Complete the following sentences using the information given in the brackets)

So fascinating had the program been that I was watching it until it finished at 4 a.m. (the programme, be)
No sooner had I returned to the hotel that I realized that someone had been waiting for me. (I, return)
Only had Michael managed to survive this horrible car crash. (Michael, manage)
Only after looking at her face did I realize that something horrible had happened. (I, realize)
Hardly had Jack left the house, when he heard the telephone ringing inside. (Jack, leave)
Seldom had there been anything interesting on TV. (there, be)
When you called me, I will come and help you. (you, call; DO NOT USE IF IN THIS SENTENCE)
So strongly had it been raining that they weren’t able to finish the match and the referee announced the draw. (it, be)
Never before can she spend so much money for one dress. (she, can)
Not until Wednesday, did I get the materials from my office. (I, get)
za duzo tekstu, w dodatku trudno sie zorientowac, jco wstawiles w luki w cw 1.
Umiesc cw. 1 w osobnym wpisie w tym watku i nacisniej enter przed kazda odpowiedzia

Cw 2
1. nie kombinuj z czasem, bo napisales, ze ogladales program po tym, jak sie skonczyl
2 nie 'that'. tego sie uczy na pamiec
3 only z podmiotem nie ma inwersji
5 bez przecinka
6 zly czas
7 zly czas
8 zly czas
9 before wymaga czasu perfect
10 bez przecinka, ale zly czas. Tu chodzi o przyszlosc, inaczej nie jest to logiczne