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Guide to Poland – How to be more polish?

Polish customs may look a little strange for foreigners and first days in Poland can be overwhelming. Here, there is a guide to help you with understanding of different polish customs which at the first glace seem to be complicated, but after some time they become your naturally behavior.

1. Polish etiquette
First of all, during your visit in Poland be always on time. No matter where you go, polish people regard being late as a sign of bad manners. Secondly, if you speak to any older person remember to use ‘’Mrs’’ for men and ‘’Ms’’ for women. Customarily, we call people by their first name only if there are our friends. Maybe, it sounds very official but that is the way polish people address to one another. Moreover, it is quite popular in our country to start a greeting by shaking hands with a slight smile and direct eye contact. The other important custom is to always take off you shoes after you enter someone’s home.

2. Time to eat something
When it is time to eat do not forget to start eating only if the hostess invited you to eat. It is also a nice gesture if you wait with eating until everyone will sit around the table. What is more, try a small amount of everything that is offered on the table and be prepare that during dinner Poles usually drink alcoholic drinks.

3. Some polish traditions
Poles love to celebrate and they have plenty of days to do it. Many of such days have very long tradition and according to that they have a unique magical character. The most common polish tradition is celebrating a ,,Name day’’. The Name day is a day of the year that is associated with one’s given day. This celebration is more spread among older community and it is celebrating even more than birthdays. In addition of the Name day, Poland have many other holidays that are mainly associated with Christian culture, but not only. The examples are St. Nicholas Day or Dingus Day.

I hope that this guidelines will help you to ‘fit in’ into polish culture and to be better prepared for time that you spend in our country.
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Here, there is a guide to help you with understanding
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wait with eating until everyone will sit around the table
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