Introduce yourself

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Hi, my name is Mariusz. I'm 32 years old. I graduated with an engineering degree in the field of
computer graphics. I have a wonderful wife and a little daughter.
I grown up in small village in the environment of beautiful Stołowe Mountains
and Owl Mountains . Maybe that's why I love nature and I need to be constant contact with her.
I'm interested in new technology. I love music and playing guitar. I'm a beginner musician but
I'm fascinated by this instrument. Front-end programming is my passion. I do it everyday but
i still have feeling like I don't know anything about it. I love running and doing all kinds
of sports. I like it when I'm the better version of myself from the previous day.
the field of - mozna wyrzucic
grown - zla forma czasownika
byc stalym kontaktem - niepoprawne. Nawet jak dodasz 'w', to bedzie nienaturalnie.
continuously connect with it. (her jest zbyt podniosle, pewnie nawet nie wiesz, ze o nieludziach tez mozna czasm powiedziec him/her, ale tutaj to zabrzmi strasznie podniosle)
I still feel
a better

(poprawilem literowki)
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