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pytalam was o sposob wyrazenia kilku rzeczy i oto efekt mojej pracy wraz z waszymi wskozowkami. na pewno sa jeszcze jakies (moje) bledy. bede wdzieczna za pomoc

The first group, l would love to work with, is that which works on the theme "Education as human right". It's a very interesting topic for me, because I wrote my BA thesis about national minorities in my country. I know, that people who belongs any minority are very often discriminate and in many least developed countries they have no chance to go to school. I think it's a big problem, that thousands children in the world don't go to school, because they have to work hard. For me it's the most important duty, to let the children learn, not work.

The second group, i'm interested with is..............I really like this theme. It's fastinating for me to discuss, how changes the school since the beginning of humanity. I would like to find out, in which conditions classes were conducted in the past. What was deciding if somebody was regarded to be an educated person. The work on this topic is a great opportunity to compare the schools of today wits the ancient. Maybe we can find new opportunities for the contemporary schools.

I think that the participation in Documentation-Group is a great opportunity to try to be a journalist during ............. I'm sure, in this group I can be best informed about what daily happens in.......... I can talk to participants. I can ask them about the progress of their work in groups. I would love to make an input, that could be seen by everyone, and that would give evidence of our stay and work in.....


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