samodzielna praca do spradzenia przed matura:)

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bardzo proze o sprawdzenei mojej racenzji:) barzo mi zalrzy gdzy pisze maturke w poniedzialek:)jeszcze nigd was o to nie prosilam robie to teraz, bo mi barzo zalerzy:) z gory dziekuje:*

“The Lord of the the Ring” is an American fantasy film. I recently watched this movie and I must say I was impressed. It’s not surprising that it won so many Oscars. Directed by Peter Jackson, the film stars Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen and Sean Boyd.
The plot centres on young hobbit Frodo’s expedition. He must destroy unusual and magic ring. Froda wih friends take it to place where it as forged. They experience dangerous adventures. The fellowship oh the ring have to fight with evil and power of ring. the try to save the world.
What I like the most about the film is fantastic special effects. It is a wonderful film about friendship, courage and responsibility. The cast is excellent. The whole script is exciting. The plot is believable and sometimes ridiculous. It’s a classical masterpiece of its kind.
I can thoroughly recommend this film because it’s well worth seeing. At the end I still wanted to see more. I’m sure you would enjoy it too. It will change the way you think about this kind of film. It’s a classical masterpiece of its kind. See the film and find out !
*was forged


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