Prosze o sprawdzenie.

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prosze o spr. wypowiedzi, z góry dziekuje.

I always eat three meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Sometimes when I have to stay late at the library I have a takeaway food and ready-cooked meals.
I usually have home-made food for dinner.
I like fruit for example bananas, apples, and peaches, and vegetables for e.g. tomatoes, cucumber, potatoes and lattuce.
My favourite home-made dish is spaghetti and potatoes with meat.
When the weather is very cold I like eat hot meals, for example fried eggs and baked potatoes and drink tea.
For Sunday lunch I usually eat roast chicken or fisch.
I don't like japanese food, I can't eat rise and sushi.
I like very much Italian restaurants.
My favourite dish is spaghetti and pasta with cheese.
I prefer roast chicken, boiled potatoes and grilled fish. I don't like steak.
I usually have cereal for breakfast, a sandwich with some fruit for lunch, and hot home-made meal for dinner.


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