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Byłbym bardzo wdzięczny gdyby ktoś mógłby to sprawdzić. Polecenie to: Napisz opowiadanie do którego pasuje tytuł: „All is well that ends well” 2[tel]słów

It was really unusual autumn. Tom had just started going to school, but he didn't want to learn. He thought that there were better things to do than sitting all days at school. He decided to travel around the world. It was his big dream for as long as he could remember, so Tom didn't wonder very long. He packed himself and in the next day he could set out on a journey.
He didn't have to much money so instead of making a reservation on a flight, he was going to go by boat. He talked his friend Jake and his younger brother Bill into going with him also. All three were really excited and they couldn't wait for a start of a trip. Finally they sailed out. They had been doing sightseeing a lot of various places for many weeks, and despite enormous tiredness, Tom had decided that they must have visited Brazil yet. While they were sailing, on the sea it started to rain really heavily. Storm was becoming bigger and bigger. The sky was full of dark clouds and lightnings. Small Bill started to cry and Jake and Tom didn't know, what they should have done. At one point even waves began to flood the ship. „We will die” - Jake yelled. Tom wanted to call help, but any devices didn't worked. They all were frightened. Tom promised that if they survived, he would want to learn and he would come back to school. Suddenly the storm subsided. The sky was again blue and the sea was quiet. Everyone was very happy and they were jumped for yoy.
Tom had returned to home, and he started to regularly go to school. He learnt really hard-working and became one of the best pupil in his school. Tom didn't want to skip classes never again.


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