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It was happened in 1998 in evening Saturday. Susan Stanley came back to the house across Central Park in London. It was raining and darkness. After moment she heard a gunshot. She was scared and ran in direction exit. She was trying rang but she hasn't got a similar strength. While she stumbled against roots and fell down. In certain moment a man picked out handbag and ran away. The woman stood up and began shouting. She ran for him but she can't he found. The thief lost a gun. He has got balaclava and black denim jacket. Police were trying to reason of the accident. Shortly afterwards suspected of assault became 21 years old John Terrick. He was arrested but he didn't confess to the crimes with which he accused. Police was carrying out an investigation into an affair mugging. After month was established the truth, that John Terrick was guilty larceny. On the gun was initals his name.
But finally, in 1999, he was arrested for the last time. At the end of his trial the judge found John guilty and he was sent to Belfast prison, where he spent the next five years.

jeśli ma ktos jakieś jeszcze inne pomysły to bym był bardzo wdzięczny za napisanie
W ciągu ostatnich pięciu lat, jesteś siedemnastą osobą, która pisze "it was happened". Możesz mi wytłumaczyć dlaczego?