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Bardzo proszę o sprawdzenie opisu osoby:

I met Edyta first time at primary school, but I made friends with her at secondary school.
She is a tall and slim seventeen years old girl. Edyta has got oval face, brown eyes and an upturned nose. She usually wears her long, straight brown hair loose. She is often casually dressed in a T - shirt and jeans.
Edyta is a kind and helpful person who will always listen to you and offer help. She is very responsible - she always does what she promised to do. Edyta is ambitious - she wants to be successful in life and I am sure her dreams will come true because she is very intelligent and hard-working. She is also cheerful and fun.
Edyta likes reading books and listening to music. She is very sociable and loves meeting new people
She is my best and most trusted friend. Edyta is also one of the most interesting people I have ever met. I cannot imagine that Edyta would not be my best friend.

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