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SUBJECT: Living in a foreign country cannot be better than living in your own

A lot of people still dreaming about leaving Poland. People think that in foreign countries a living conditions are better than Poland and they can be reach, and more contentment, because abroad you can find an adequate salary. In my opinion people shouldn’t wonder too much about better life in foreign country. It’s very difficult for someone, who can’t speak language which people are speaking there, in the other country. Some people gave up everything to went abroad and comeback with nothing.
Firstly, it is hard to get us to living in another part of the world. You must be lucky if you meet people who wants to help you after your arrival, at first you have to to be acquainted with culture where you want to be. It important thing if you want to find a good job quickly and you don’t wanna have some problems with people.
What’s more, of course not everybody likes foreigners in their country. I think that language is a basic if you really decided to go abroad for job. If you know a good language, you shouldn’t be disappointed, sure you have to have a good skills!
On the other hand, job in a foreign country could be ideal, you can be reach and living in a better conditions than Poland. You can to meet another culture, another people, find good salary.
Finally people should know that you have to be lucky to find ownself in other country otherwise you will comeback to home after one or two months.