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1 A _____________ is a building with large sails or similar parts which are turned round by the wind, and which may be used, for example, for crushing grain.
2 Many people remember what happened at Chernobyl, and they worry about the risks associated with ___________.
3 Distributing condoms among teenagers in order to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is a very __________ issue.
4 An illness is simply a state of feeling unwell: however, a ____________ can be caught and passed on if it is infectious.
5 On the other hand. the term_______________ is used to refer to a malfunctioning of a part of the body or mind, such as for example. anorexia.
6 Kathy loves the environment and is very involved in Greenpeace. She actively _____________ in all demonstrations and fund-raising campaigns.
7 Yet again my professor wrote on my paper: 'Well written though your analysis is _________ and needs more in-depth examination'.
8 Many people have lost their homes as the area was _____________ due to last week's heavy rainfalls.
9 Through _____________ the large-scale cutting down of trees. the ecosystems that allow species to survive are changed and the amount of land available for wildlife decreases.
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