customer - she?

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Focus your energy on the key choices that influence revenue decision makers—that is, customers. They will decide to spend their money with your company if your value proposition is superior to competitors’. Two choices determine success: the where-to-play decision (which specific customers to target) and the how-to-win decision (how to create a compelling value proposition for those customers). If a customer is not in the segment or area where the company chooses to play, she probably won’t even become aware of the availability and nature of its offering. If the company does connect with that customer, the how-to-win choice will determine whether she will find the offering’s targeted value equation compelling.

Fragment z artykułu z 2014.

Dlaczego she, a nie na przykład he, he/she lub they?
przypuszczam, ze 'product' ktory oni chca wcisnac jest skierowaany do kobiet.
moze stosowali wymiennie he i she - tak tez czasem robią
artykuł jest ogólnie o biznesie

nie :)

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she is used in AmE in reference to a person or animal of unspecified gender.
Don't know. I come across such use every now and then ;-))
Może w CanE, a nie w AmE? :)
Może w CanE...
If there is such thing ;-))
Actually, Oxford Dictionary lists the same definition.
It lists the same definition for he as well.
customer can be not only she. He also could be a customer.
It lists the same definition for he as well.
Author of said article chose 'she'. Complain to him !-)
I must admit that it crossed my mind to write to HBR :)
But I'm not that crazy :)
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Dlaczego she, a nie na przykład he, he/she lub they?[/i]

The artificially singular "their" trick is hard to swallow to many. The written "S/he" is disturbing. "He or she" drives normal people crazy. So what's left? Make a customer a she in one sentence or two; switch to a he in the following paragraph, if you are really into it, and so on.

Once a purely grammatical term, today gender has become a weapon in the hands of deviants, weirdos, and their sponsors and supporters. Academia leads the way.
Thank you all
Sometimes Instead of he/she it is better to go with 'one'
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