names of vowel sounds

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I am supposed to record some sentences for my practical phonetic classes. These sentences are divided into groups. Each group is going to check my ability of producing particular sound and i should introduce each group with the sound name. There is no problem, when it comes to sounds like "short i", or "long i", but I am confusing names of those which come from a and e, like "ash sound", "short schwa" or "long schwa." I tried to look it up in the Internet, but on each site I found there were described either like "close-mid central unrounded vowel" or by example of word, in which it is used. While it seems essential for my teacher, that I knew these names, I am forced to ask for your help.
Is this what you have been looking for? ;)

Well, this site made me certain only about short schwa. I still wonder about the name reversed epsilon with colon. I mean the actual name, not the lips shape, or tongue's position.
Do you want to know the names of the SOUNDS or the names of LETTERS representing those sounds?
Sorry if I confused you. My teacher just said for example "here it is ash sound", instead of "near-open front unrounded vowel", so I might have began to confuse both terms. All in all, I probably need the character names.
Sorry once again, I'm in my first year.
I read again your first post and you should do one of two things:
1. Either use the names of SOUNDS, which is what people generally use in phonetics classes. You assume that because there is the "schwa" sound, then all other sounds should have nice, simple names. Well, that is not the case.
2. Or you should turn to your phonetics teacher for clarification.

The names of characters / letters are a completely different story and no sane person would like you to learn them. I had to look into "Special characters" tab in my word processor to get the names of phonetic symbols. Again, there are characters with nice and simple names like "eth" or "theta", but many characters used as phonetic symbols just have names like "LATIN SMALL LETTER REVERSED OPEN E" and that's it.
As you are required to produce SOUNDS in your task, then it is obvious that you should stick to SOUND names and get them from Roach or Sobkowiak.
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