15 words a day

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Hello everyone :)
During last few weeks I've tried out (and still continue) the method of learning 15 new words every single day. Being realistic I assume learning 15 words 6 days a week (1 day is left for things that can be unpredicted and are able to ruin our plan) what gives me:
15 words x 6 days = 90 words a week
90 words x 4 weeks = 360 words a month
360 words x 12 months = 4320 words a year
I assume that it is fairly good result but being SYSTEMATIC is the crucial point. Right now I can see some results of my systematic work.
My question is, how do you find new words to study? Do you take them from your coursebook? Or from a book or newspaper that you are currently reading? Or maybe there is some other source of new words?
I read many blogs everyday and words which I don't understand I add to Anki. To get example sentences and pictures I use diki.pl or dictionary.cambridge.org


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