Zdania z I wish...

Prosze o przekształcenie zdań z angielskiego, każde zdanie ma się zaczynać I wish......

1. I'm a pity she dida't make a cake yesterday.
2. I's a pity they have so much to do
3. I's a pity lic is so short.
4. It's a pity he doesn't know German. 5 Il's a pity they didn't tell us about it
6 It's a pity we aren't playingg football now.
7. I'm sorry the government can't reduce taxes
8. I's a pity Mark often works long hours
9. Ir's a pity they threw everything away.
10. I regret buying this CD I's not good 11 I regret not learning English yesterday
12. It's a pity he isn't abroad now
13 I'm sorry I did not find a good job last year.
14 It's a pity I was so rebellious
15. I think the classes are tabig
16. My wife regsetsI didn't choose a less stressful career.
17. I regret I didn't practisc much sport when I was young.
I8 What a pity I went to that school
19 It's a pity l'm not a good journalist
20 It's a pity I can't play any musical instrument
21. What a pity we don't know French. 22 1 regret he visited us last week
23 l's a pity they live outside the city 24, l'm sorry she doesn't have a washing machine
25 What a pity he bought that old car last week
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