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Cześć, mam kilka zadań do zrobienia na zaliczenie z angielskiego, oto one:
1. One of the underlined words in the text is „underwhelming”.
Look at the following sentence: She's an overwhelming presence in an underwhelming show
What is the show like, in other words? What is the contrast between her and the show?
Prefixes „over” and „under” are widely used to indicate that there is too much or too little of something.
In the following sentences fill the gaps with the suitable forms of words from the list below, adding a prefix "over" or "under". The word you need may be a noun, an adjective or a verb!
This is not an easy exercise but you may get a high score for it. It will definitely improve your vocabulary.
-"It is not considered good manners to A if people around you do not have money to buy new clothes.....

-Lack of finance inevitably meant that the College was B.

-Some of the so called celebrities have been C. to the point that their images have begun to pale

-Never D. the power of a woman, even over a king.

-To say that she has turned the corner is an E. , she changed her life completely.

-"I've applied to places like Starbucks, but because I have a university degree they see me as F. or say I don't have a retail background," she said.

-Your wife is in exceptional health, if a little G.. However, this is exactly what makes her friends jealous.

-"This television channel tends to H. the public with these silly shows. Even the least demanding viewers have enough.

-When it comes to cooking , the difference between done and I. can be just a couple of minutes.

-And they know how to be hospitable without being J.

Słówka do użycia: Bear, do, dress, estimate, expose, feed, state, staff, qualify, weigh
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