Mój typowy weekend - wzór wypracowania

Mój typowy weekend

Like for many teenagers, weekend is my favourite time of the week. Even the fact that I have to tidy my room on Saturday and help my mother with the shopping doesn't spoil it. Weekends are usually quite lazy and quiet. After the whole busy week at school, I finally have some free time to relax and do what I like. I don't have to worry about homework or anything, at least on Saturday.

After tidying my room I spend some time surfing the Internet and chatting to my friends from all over the world. I can spend hours in front of the computer so sometimes my mum must remind me to go to sleep.
On Saturday evening I sometimes go out with friends. We go to the cinema or just hang around in town.

Sunday is a family day. I often visit my grandparents with my mum and dad. We have dinner together and discuss the whole week. My grandma is a great cook and she makes delicious cakes so after each visit I diet for a day or two.

On Sunday evening the atmosphere at home may be a bit nervous sometimes, especially when there's a test at school on Monday. Before going to bed I pack my books and get ready for school.

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teenagers - nastolatki
even - nawet
to spoil - zepsuć
lazy - leniwy
at least - przynajmniej
tidy - sprzątać
chat - gadać, rozmawiać
to remind - przypominać
to hang around - włóczyć się
delicious - pyszny
nervous - nerwowy
in front of - przed (w odniesieniu do miejsca)
to diet - być na diecie

from all over the world - z całego świata
to remind someone to do something - przypomnieć komuś, żeby coś zrobił

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