Moje obowiązki domowe. - wzór wypracowania

Moje obowiązki domowe.

I have a lot of duties at home because I do not have any brothers or sisters to help me.

Like most teenagers I have to iron my clothes, take the rubbish out, help with tidying the flat. It's also my job to walk our dog Trevor three times a day. It is sometimes hard to get up early and go out before school or when it is raining but there is no other way. My parents say that I wanted to have a dog so I have to be responsible for Trevor now.

Another duty is keeping my bedroom tidy. It is quite difficult because the room is small and I have a lot of things which I need for my hobby - decorating and making jewellery. I regularly use various materials, such as glue, beads, string, stencils, paint, etc., so at the end of the day I have to make sure that my desk and the floor are clean.

We always have a lot of work before Christmas and Easter or when we have guests. I help with the preparations, especially shopping. I like going to shops so I don't mind.

If my mum is not feeling well or when she is tired, I am responsible for making meals. Of course I cannot cook as well as my mum but I can make some simple dishes, e.g. scrambled eggs, fish and chips and vegetable soup.

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duty - obowiązek
teenager - nastolatek
iron - prasować
tidy - sprzątać; uporządkowany, posprzątany
responsible - odpowiedzialny
jewellery - biżuteria
various - rozmaite, różne
glue - klej
beads - koraliki
string - sznurek
stencil - szablon
preparations - przygotowania
meal - posiłek
dish - danie
scrambled eggs - jajecznica

I don't mind - nie mam nic przeciwko

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