Rozprawka za i przeciw: Wady i zalety studiowania w obcym mieście - wzór wypracowania

Rozprawka za i przeciw: Wady i zalety studiowania w obcym mieście

A lot of students who plan going on to higher education consider studying away from home. Even those who come from cities famous for their universities want to move to another place. What are the advantages and disadvantages of student life away from one's hometown?

Studying away from home can obviously be beneficial in many ways. First of all, you are no longer under the supervision of your parents, which helps you to become independent and mature, not to mention the freedom it gives you. Furthermore, when you live in a dormitory you have more opportunities to socialise, make friends, form relationships. As a result, you get experience and learn social skills that will definitely be useful in the future. Last but not least, you get to know a new city, which is satisfying and useful.

On the other hand, there are arguments against leaving home to study in another city. To begin with, studying away from home means a financial burden. Not all parents can afford to rent a room for their children, cover the cost of train tickets, etc. What is more, at the beginning you can feel lonely, especially if you are rather shy or lack self-confidence.

All things considered, although there are a few disadvantages of studying away from home, the advantages seem to outweigh them. If possible, young people should not miss this opportunity of taking the first step into adulthood.

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consider - rozważyć
famous for ... - znany z ...
hometown - miasto rodzinne
obviously - oczywiście
beneficial - korzystny
supervision - nadzór
dormitory - akademik, dom studenta
socialise - udzielać się towarzysko
burden - obciążenie
outweigh - przeważać
adulthood - dorosłość

not to mention - nie wspominając o
last but not least - i wreszcie; i w końcu co nie mniej ważne
miss an opportunity - przegapić okazję

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