Opowiadanie w 3 os.: Opowiadanie z zakończeniem ''he breathed a sigh of relief'' (dłuższa wersja) - wzór wypracowania

Opowiadanie w 3 os.: Opowiadanie z zakończeniem ''he breathed a sigh of relief'' (dłuższa wersja)

A few days before his mum's fiftieth birthday, Jack opened his piggy-bank and took out a round sum of money. He had been saving for almost a year for a stylish necklace, the kind of thing she had always dreamt of. He put the money in his wallet which he placed in his bag and went to catch a bus to the city centre, popping in the newsagent's on the way to get a ticket.

As it was rush hour, the bus came quite crowded. Jack managed to squeeze in but he had to stand on the steps next to a guy smelling of alcohol, unable to move. He was holding the bag pressed against his side. Whenever the bus pulled in at a stop and the door opened, the man leant forward and almost pushed Jack out. When they finally arrived at the centre Jack went straight to the nearest jeweller's.

He immediately found the necklace he had spotted a few days earlier. The shop assistant agreed that it was a good choice and offered to gift-wrap it for him. Jack thought his mum would be thrilled when she opened the box. His face fell when searching for his wallet in the bag he realised it had disappered. Blushing with embarrassment he apologised to the assistant. ''Don't mention it,'' she said. '' It's not your fault that you've been robbed.'' At that moment Jack remembered the unpleasant guy from the bus. ''It must have been him,'' he said angrily to himself.

He had no choice but to come back home and think what to give his mum for her birthday, now that all his savings had vanished. Looking as miserable as sin, he had just passed the newsagent's when someone ran out of the shop and stopped him. He recognised the woman who had sold him the bus ticket . 'Isn't this yours?,” she asked, waving Jack's wallet in front of his face. It turned out he had left it in her shop in the morning. Opening his eyes wide in disbelief, he breathed a sigh of relief.

liczba słów: ~346



piggy-bank - skarbonka
stylish - stylowy
pop in - wpaść z wizytą, wstąpić do
rush hour - godzina szczytu
squeeze in - wcisnąć (się)
spot - wypatrzeć, zauważyć
gift-wrap - zapakować na prezent
blush - rumienić się
vanish - zniknąć
disbelief - niedowierzanie


His face fell - mina mu zrzedła
look as miserable as sin - wyglądać jak siedem nieszczęść
breathe a sigh of relief - odetchnąć z ulgą

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W pierwszym zdaniu chyba chodzi o "round sum of money", a nie "round some of money" , czyż nie?

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