Należy wprowadzić zakaz posiadania psów dla mieszkańców bloków. Czy zgadzasz się z takim rozwiązaniem? - wzór wypracowania

Należy wprowadzić zakaz posiadania psów dla mieszkańców bloków. Czy zgadzasz się z takim rozwiązaniem?

There has been a public debate recently about a growing number of dogs kept in blocks of flats. We have heard some reasonable arguments about how to deal with the problem. However, there was one that suggested a total ban which would forbid flat dwellers to have potentially problematic pets, particularly dogs. To me, this argument is utter nonsense.

First of all, this kind of prohibition would mean a serious infringement on human rights and a discrimination against a major part of our society. The right to have pets cannot be selectively given to those who are already socially privileged to live in better conditions. Those less fortunate must also have a chance to make their lives fuller, if only by buying a dog.

Another thing is that if such a ban were to be introduced, one cannot help asking what would happen to the pets already kept in blocks. Would they be taken away from their owners and killed or put in shelters? Hopefully the idea sounds dreadful even to those in favour of the ban.

Last but not least, some laws last and others are overthrown. If the ban was withdrawn after some time, we would come back to the situation we know so well, with more and more dogs in flats, insufficient facilities around blocks to minimise the damage they cause and a society not educated enough to know what duties having a pet imposes.

To sum up, although the problem of dogs kept in blocks cannot be overlooked, it cannot be solved by depriving a considerable part of our society of an obvious right. Such a drastic step is bound to cause chaos and harm rather than provide a realistic solution.

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ban - zakaz; zakazać
forbid - zabronić, zakazać
flat dwellers - mieszkańcy bloków (dosł. mieszkań)
utter nonsense - kompletna bzdura
prohibition - zakaz
infringement - naruszenie, pogwałcenie
selectively - wybiórczo, selektywnie
overthrow - obalić, znieść
withdraw - wycofać
insufficient - niewystarczający
impose - narzucać (np. obowiązki, podatki, itp.)
overlook - ignorować, przymykać oczy na coś
deprive - pozbawić
considerable - znaczny

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