Opowiadanie w 3 os.: Nieoczekiwanie miłe konsekwencje popełnionego błędu. - wzór wypracowania

Opowiadanie w 3 os.: Nieoczekiwanie miłe konsekwencje popełnionego błędu.

Sarah had always been very professional at work until one day. She was sitting at her desk answering emails as usual. There was one from a man she had met at a conference. She remembered him as very prim and proper. As he was an important business contact, she wanted her reply to be perfect.

It wasn't until she had sent it that she spotted something that almost gave her a heart attack and reminded her it was time to do something about her spelling problem. Instead of thanking the man for the message, she thanked him for his 'massage'. 'Oh, no,' she said tearfully to herself. 'What's he going to think?'

The next day she nervously checked her emails. As she had expected, there was a reply from the man who witnessed her humiliation. She read the message looking for any words of reprimand. But there was nothing, not a word suggesting he had noticed her embarrassing mistake.

A few hours later, Sarah answered one of many phone calls that day. Her face fell when the caller introduced himself as the man she hoped not to hear from again. Trying to sound as indifferent and professional as possible, Sarah gave him the information he needed. They were just about to say good-bye when all of a sudden he asked her out. After a few seconds of awkward silence, she accepted the invitation.

Mark, for that was his name, turned out to be the nicest man she had ever met. After a few months of dating he proposed, saying he was dying to have a massage ...

liczba słów: ~266


spot - wypatrzeć, zauważyć
tearfully - ze łzami w oczach
humiliation - upokorzenie
reprimand - reprymenda
awkward - niezręczny, krępujący

prim and proper - wymuskany, sztywny, 'akuratny'
Her face fell - mina jej zrzedła
all of a sudden - nagle, niespodziewanie
he was dying to ... - nie mógł się doczekać ...

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