Opowiadanie w 1 os.: Najgorszy dzień w życiu - wzór wypracowania

Opowiadanie w 1 os.: Najgorszy dzień w życiu

I have never been superstitious before but after a series of unpleasant incidents that happened last Friday I no longer believe that 13th Friday is a day like any other.

It all started in the morning. I overslept because I had been preparing for an English test almost all night. Not having time to look for my jacket I just grabbed the first thing I saw, which was my younger brother's sweatshirt. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. The sweatshirt made me look absolutely ridiculous.

There was still a chance not to miss the test though, so I focused on that. At the bus stop I heard some people talking about an accident that had apparently blocked traffic. As there was no point in waiting for the bus, I decided to run to school. 'It's not a long distance,' I kept repeating to myself, when suddenly I felt someone pushing me really hard. I fell flat on the ground. When I looked up there was nobody around. Whoever pushed me had already run away. I was sitting there in pain, feeling furious.

By the time I got to school, the lesson had already started. My classmates were sitting quietly at their desks writing something. I was shocked to see our Maths teacher. I realised I had mistakenly prepared for an English test which was supposed to be the next Friday. That Friday we were tested in Maths! I don't think I have ever had a worse day.

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superstitious - przesądny
a series - seria
unpleasant - nieprzyjemny
to oversleep - zaspać
to grab - chwycić
apparently - podobno
furious - wściekły
mistakenly - przez pomyłkę

to catch a glimpse - zauważyć kątem oka
there is no point in doing something - nie ma sensu, żeby coś zrobić
to fall flat on the ground - upaść jak długi, twarzą na ziemię

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