Zwierzątko domowe, które masz lub chciał(a)byś mieć - wzór wypracowania

Zwierzątko domowe, które masz lub chciał(a)byś mieć

A lot of my friends have a dog and I would also like to have one. My parents are against it. They say that dogs need a lot of attention but I think the real reason is different. My mum is afraid that a puppy would cause a lot of damage in our flat. I tell her we could get an adult dog, but she doesn't want to listen.

I know that a dog would be a perfect pet for me because I once had to look after my neighbours' dog when they went away for two weeks. That was the best time of my life.

Ben is a Border Collie and he is beautiful. He is black and white and has a fluffy tail. Border Collies are very intelligent dogs. They come from Scotland where they help shepherds to look after sheep. Unfortunately Ben is not very happy, because this kind of dog needs a lot of running and we live in a block near a busy street, so there aren't open spaces for him to run.

When I was taking care of Ben, I took him to the park on the other side of town twice a day. I got up earlier than usual, but it wasn't a problem. Those walks were a pleasure for me. I played ball with Ben and threw sticks into water because he loves fetching. It was better exercise than my PE lessons.

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attention - uwaga
reason - powód
to cause - powodować
damage - straty, zniszczenia
adult - dorosły
neighbours - sąsiedzi
fluffy - puszysty
a tail - ogon
a shepherd - pasterz
sheep - owce
unfortunately - niestety
spaces - przestrzenie
to fetch - przynosić, aportować

to be against something - być przeciwnym czemuś
this kind of (something) - ten rodzaj (czegoś)
to take care of something/someone - opiekować się czymś/kimś

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