Najlepszy dzień w moim życiu - wzór wypracowania

Najlepszy dzień w moim życiu

There was a beautiful girl in my school called Diana. Everybody liked her because she was also nice. She had a boyfriend who played in the school basketball team so he was very popular. I always saw them together and felt terrible. I wanted Diana to be my girlfriend but it seemed impossible.

One day Diana came to school very sad. I didn't see Adam with her. I was too shy to ask her why she was crying. But during the lunch break our P.E. teacher made an important announcement. Adam was moving to the USA with his parents. Adam's father had got a job there.

Like everyone else, I was sorry for Diana. She was very unhappy for some time. But after a month she started smiling more often and I thought I could invite her to the cinema. It wasn't easy for me because she was so pretty and I was so shy, but I really wanted to spend time with her. So one day I waited for her after school when she was alone. After a short chat, I asked her that difficult question and she agreed!

We went to the cinema that evening and we had a great time. After the film we went for a walk. Diana looked really happy. She was laughing all the time and she said she wanted to see me again. That was the best day in my life!

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terrible - okropny
to seem - wydawać się
impossible- niemożliwy
shy - nieśmiały
announcement - ogłoszenie
to invite - zaprosić
alone - sam
to agree - zgodzić się

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