Moje posiłki - wzór wypracowania

Moje posiłki

I have four meals a day. In the morning I always have breakfast at home. When I sleep too long and don't have time to eat, I can't concentrate at school.
I usually have some sandwiches with cheese or ham. Sometimes I boil an egg and eat it with tomato salad. I drink a cup of tea or some juice. My mum says that I should also eat some fruit, so I always take an apple or some grapes to school.

The next meal is lunch. In our school there is a longer break at 12.30. We have 20 minutes to eat something. I sometimes go to the school canteen and buy some pancakes or soup, but I prefer to go to the bar round the corner and get a hot-dog or some chips.

After school I go straight home and have a snack before my mum comes back from work. When she finishes cooking my father arrives and we all have dinner together. My father loves traditional cooking, so we often have roast chicken with potatoes and a salad. Sometimes my mum experiments and serves spaghetti or some Thai dishes. At weekends there is often some cake or ice-cream.

I am growing and I eat a lot. Before I go to sleep I make some popcorn in the microwave or my mum makes me scrambled eggs.

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a meal - posiłek
to concentrate - skoncentrować się
a sandwich - kanapka
cheese - ser
ham - szynka
to boil - gotować
an egg - jajko
grapes - winogrona
a canteen - stołówka
a pancake - naleśnik
soup - zupa
to prefer - woleć, preferować
chips - frytki
a snack - przekąska
roast chicken - pieczony kurczak
to serve - podawać, serwować
a dish - danie
a microwave - kuchenka mikrofalowa
scrambled eggs - jajecznica

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