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Jak spędzam czas wolny

I am lucky because I have a lot of friends so I am never bored. After school we often play football when the weather is good. When it is raining, we visit a bookshop and listen to the latest CDs or test new computer games.

I spend a lot of time in front of the computer. I like surfing the Internet and chatting to friends from all over the world. When my parents say I should do my homework, I tell them that I am learning English and it is very important for my future. Of course I have to do homework anyway.

Football is not the only sport that I like. Once a week I go to a sports club with a few friends and we play basketball all afternoon. I am also keen on skating and in winter I go to a skating rink at weekends to improve my technique. I hope to join a hockey team soon.

I would like to do many other things, e.g. learn to play a musical instrument, but I don't have enough time for everything.

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the latest - najnowszy
in front of - przed
from all over the world - z całego świata
future - przyszłość
to be keen on something - być amatorem czegoś
skating - jazda na łyżwach
to join - dołączyć
a skating rink - lodowisko
to improve - ulepszyć, poprawić
technique - technika
a team - drużyna
enough - wystarczająco dużo

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