Mój ulubiony dzień w tygodniu - wzór wypracowania

Mój ulubiony dzień w tygodniu

My favourite day of the week is Friday. We don't have many lessons at school then, and Friday afternoon is the beginning of the weekend.

At school we have two English lessons, P.E., and Maths. I like all of them and if there isn't a test, Friday at school is quite good. We have to wear uniforms, but on Friday there is a rule which says "Wear what you want". The school looks very colourful then because the students can use their imagination, and a lot of us like looking original.

In spring and summer Friday is the only day when our teachers are allowed to take us outside if the weather is nice and we sometimes have classes in the school playground. The teachers are also tired at the end of the week so these lessons are not as serious as on the other days.

At 12.30 I am free to go home. But I don't always go there, because I like to spend time with my friends. We have a great time hanging around for a few hours before we go home. Sometimes we just sit in a bar and chat, or we go to the cinema.

The best moment comes in the evening when I think that I still have two free days ahead.

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favourite - ulubiony
the beginning - początek
P.E. - w.f.
a uniform - mundurek
a rule - zasada
colourful - kolorowy
to use - używać
imagination - wyobraźnia
original - oryginalny
outside - na zewnątrz
classes - zajęcia
playground - plac zabaw
serious - poważny
to hang around - włóczyć się
ahead - tutaj: przed sobą

to be allowed to do something - móc coś zrobić (mieć pozwolenie)
to have a great time - świetnie się bawić

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